Thursday, 5 May 2011


Over the years many people have asked me what the secret to successful sales is. Should they be pushy or more laid back? Should they make contact via telephone or face to face? Should they send samples or not?

The truth is none of these things really matter; they're completely irrelevant!

Think about it as an individual. Don't you just hate it when your phone rings and straight away someone is trying to sell you something? Isn't it awful when you walk into a store and the sales staff follow you a round like aggressive rottweilers?

We all HATE being sold to so the trick is simply not to!

When trying to sell your products or service to an individual or business try telling them a story. Tell them how you came up with your product. Give them examples of ways in which your service has helped other businesses in real terms.

Don't ever go for the hard sell because all you do is annoy, insult destroy any future opportunities you may have had.

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